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Friday, September 03, 2004

Victory in death?

I see that Mel Gibson's Passion is selling well in DVD. Most of the controversy (as well as hype) surrounding the film itself has now died down somewhat, which is good, as a deeper reflection can return to the real message of the events that the movie is about.

In thinking about Christ's death on the cross, I used to think that when Christ died, it represented a dark chapter in his life and that victory was gained only at the resurrection. Recently, however, I was reading and thinking about who God is, the nature, life and death of Christ and it occurred to me that it is more accurate to see His death on the cross as a profound victory. For on the cross, Christ achieved the Ultimate for all humanity for all time. He did not have to wait three days to consummate the final Victory. Victory was achieved when God the Just One, the Holy One, the Creator of the World, died the sinner's death and bore the eternal wrath of divinity upon Himself. That is the final victory! The Resurrection was not an event that Heaven was waiting for while it mourned. When Christ's Death was achieved, the Resurrection was merely an exclamation point. The statement "It is finished" was already declared. It is Finished. Indeed. Victory has been achieved.

Correspondingly, my reflection led me to another issue: when Paul in Romans- alluded to the Old Testamen promise when God admonished that "Vengeance is mine" I used to think that God was saying to His people who were suffering injustice that His fury would rain down on all the evil doers and those who were taking advantage of the meek, the disenfranchised and the powerless. It also reminded me that "this world is not my home" and that in the "by and by" our rewards will finally be revealed, and we will see those who apparently are lapping it up while we go through life suffering will have their just deserts. I had an "Aha" moment while thinking about the meaning of Christ's death on the cross bringing about Victory. And it is this: Christ's death is the final consummation of the "Vengeance is Mine" promise. For Christ died for that injustice and that pain, too. His death fulfills the pain, suffering, the imbalance such agony and torment bring.

With this new understanding of the efficacy of Christ's death brings about a new empowerment to appropriate God's mercy and grace in our daily walk. For instance, I had an experience the other day at work when my colleague was complaining to me that she had been wrongfully and unjustly scolded by our cranky boss. (When our boss goes on one of her moody harangues, she does not stop to listen to any reason and the best way to deal with it is to not take her rants personally, although that doesn't work all the time for personal well being and emotional balance). I was able to share with my friend, L, that we can take a deep breath and realize that God's grace is sufficient for her at that moment, and that Christ died for that pain and He died for our boss' dysfunction as well, and we can let the balm of the Holy Spirit bring in healing and redemption not only in our psyche's but also in the situation at the office.

By the way, am I espousing emergent theology here?